You got the call a week ago, ….. has died. You are the Executor. The service is over and now the work begins. But, you don’t know how or what to do about one or more issues you have found:

• There is no list of income sources, investments, other assets or liabilities and the taxes      must be done. Or,
• The tax returns haven’t been filed for years. Or,
• There are a business and GST and Income Tax returns are due. Or,
• There is both a vacation and home residence and you want to claim one as a principal residence. Or,
• Dad owned investment properties in another province, but little data is available. Or,
• Mom died a few weeks after being diagnosed with cancer and had high medical bills. Or,
• Uncle John was in a care facility and unable to care for himself, are there any tax breaks? Or,
• Jackie died in December and listed ten charities to each receive $50k, but you can’t make the donations until the next tax year.

Executors with these and other questions have come to Lorn to help them navigate the tax issues.

Other clients have come to Lorn for help in planning their estates with these &/or other issues.

You are an entrepreneur and you need help with:
• Deciding should you take salaries or dividends? Or,
• Should you incorporate? Or,
• Your spouse wants to start a business and it is expected to take a few years to become established. What is the best structure? Or,
• You own several revenue properties and have heard that you should incorporate, what are the pro’s & con’s? Or,
• Is it better for you or your company to own the vehicle? Or,
• When and how should I be registering for GST? Or,
• You are donating your services to your favourite charity. How can you get charitable donation receipt?

These are just some of the areas in which Lorn has helped entrepreneurs save thousands of dollars in taxes.

Since 1983 Lorn has been helping improve the bottom line of his personal, business and estate clients. He has worked with: accountants, doctors, lawyers, retail, manufacturing, service, consultants, not for profit organizations, hospitality businesses, hotels, automotive, condominiums, self-employed individuals and others.

Lorn, in addition to being a Certified Management Accountant is also a professional speaker. He has been the President of the Edmonton Chapter of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers. He does “Lunch & Lorn’s” presentations on various tax issues including: estate, estate planning, entrepreneurial and personal taxes.
Seminar participants have said:
$ “Very much enjoyed your down to earth and logical approach to this very complex topic.”
$ “A lot of valuable information condensed into a short period of time.”
$ “Great presenter, very knowledgeable.”
$ “I learned three things in five minutes!”

Lorn has written numerous articles on business and taxation, was a regular guest expert on Big Breakfast TV and presented seminars in Canada and the United States. Clients include: Investors Group, CIBC, Edmonton Chapter of Certified General Accountants, Vitalize Conference, Institute of Professional Accountants, Assn of Professional Accounting & Tax Consultants, Toastmaster District 42, The Business Link, Alberta Government, etc.

Active in the community Lorn is / was: Public Member, College of Occupational Therapists; President, Edmonton Chapter, Canadian Association of Professional Speakers; Director, South Edmonton Business Association, President, Old Strathcona Business Association; Treasurer, Ionic Club of Edmonton; Treasurer, Northern Alberta Sports Car Club, etc.

Contact info:
Phone: (780) 937-9481