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Death and Taxes, You Can’t Take it With You!

Save taxes, save professional fees and reduce stress for yourself and your heirs and executors.
One estate is potentially facing hundreds of thousands in tax interest and penalties; plus substantial professional fees because of lack of planning and disclosure of financial information. Others are paying higher taxes because items are being missed by people without knowledge of estate matters.

This program teaches you: what happens if you don’t have a plan; what happens from a tax perspective when you die; ensuring charitable donations requests are deductible; tricks in rolling assets to spouse; leaving assets in the estate; tax free death benefits; taxation of RRSP’s, RRIF’s; use of Trusts; where estates are taxed; choosing an Executor/Executrix; inventory of your assets;   etc.

Executors – Avoiding Tax Pitfalls

Executor/Executrix Tips to avoid liability for taxes and claims from heirs.
Learn what do you have to do tax wise when the call comes informing you of the death.
You will learn about: terminal tax returns; Rights and Things tax returns; Trust (T3) returns; choosing the fiscal year end for the Trust; how to decide if you rollover assets to spouses or leave them in the estate;  how to save taxes on second principal residence; small business and family farm exemptions; who pays the taxes, the estate or the beneficiaries; finding the assets; valuing

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